PureHD is platinum Smartbox, Pro:Centric, LYNK-SINC, REACH and interactive technology integrator.



The Smartbox is PureHD’s state-of-the-art high-definition television solution that allows for up to 96 HD channels in a single, small form factor chassis providing significant space, price and energy savings. PureHD’s Smartbox architecture builds in redundant tuners, redundant power supplies, redundant air handling, and redundant outputs. PureHD has designed custom remote management capabilities to enhance the Smartbox technology and our 24/7 video operations center alerts PureHD of issues in seconds, allowing PureHD to resolve problems before they affect guest’s TV experience.

PureHD Interactive


PureHD and DISH Network designed a state-of-the-art set-top-box that will allow guests access to on-demand and streaming content. Guests can use their own accounts through Chromecast to stream YouTube, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora, Crackle, and more, or download the apps right on the set-top-box. Guests will have the ability to access the Google Play Store and download nearly 1,700 apps. Imbedded DOCSIS modem and dual band WiFi allow implementation in any hotel environment.



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Comprehensive platform from LG Hospitality allows PureHD to remotely manage guest room television, remotely add and delete channels, and brand the guest experience. PureHD supports both IP and coax Pro:Centric platforms with customized hotel imagery, interactive program guides, and the new HTML5 user interface. The Pro:Centric server provides hotel guests with a customized welcome channel along with weather and map billboards.


lynkIP and coax based remote management solutions from Samsung. This innovative solution for Samsung SMART hotel TVs provides remote management of interactive TV content to deliver a customized viewing experience for hotel guests. It enables remote management of a property from one central location, allowing hotel managers to provide content individualized to guests’ needs and expectations. PureHD deploys hotel menu items, local weather, and interactive guide features with this solution allowing hotels to connect with their guests at a higher level and to display daily hotel menus and events.