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Linear Free-To-Guest and Coax/IPTV


guidePureHD delivers high-definition free-to-guest television programming solutions with the 100% digital next generation Smartbox technology powered by DISH Network content in the United States and BELL Satellite TV in Canada. PureHD delivers MORE movies, MORE foreign language channels, and most importantly MORE sports than any other integrator.

OTT/Streaming/Video on Demand


Google Play Store

PureHD has access to the largest collection of content in the hospitality marketplace. PureHD delivers access to streaming applications such as HBO Go, Crackle, and Hulu, as well as a Video On Demand streaming library of over 5,000 theatrical releases including first run hotel window Hollywood movies.

Cable IPTV Transcode

iptv_software_iconPureHD provides IPTV transcode solutions for leading cable companies such as Comcast, Charter, Atlantic Broadband, and Caribbean Cable.
PureHD’s solutions enable hotels locked into legacy cable contracts to deliver next generation IPTV experiences in a cost effective manner.

Remote TV Management Support

supportPureHD’s solutions leverage state-of-the-art remote management tools to deliver the industry’s highest service levels and up times. PureHD’s next generation Video Operations Center is staffed by highly trained PureHD engineers. PureHD’s top priority is the investment into highly trained engineers that can deliver immediate resolutions to clients.