PureHD Sets Hospitality HDTV Market Bar with an Average of 71 HD Channels in Hotels

June 15, 2015, Sudbury, MA.  PureHD, a leading provider of high-definition television programming services, announced today that its hotel customers deployed, on average, 71 HD channels in their hotels in 2014 and 2015.  PureHD hotels are setting a new bar for high-definition experience in a guest room, bringing residential-like HD channel counts to leading hotels across the United States.

PureHD, the #1 hospitality integrator of the new DISH SmartBox platform, is leveraging that new technology and its cost effective scalability, to deliver an unparalleled HD channel line-up count to luxury, boutique, and branded hotels.

Thomas Pullen, the founder and President of PureHD, stated ”PureHD’s goal is transforming the guest room entertainment paradigm from legacy vendors delivering 24 analog channels on tube televisions to huge high-definition flat screen TVs showing 70+ channel line-ups all in high definition.  There is nothing better than seeing a championship game, a movie, or your favorite show on an eye-popping 55” HDTV in your guest room.  This creates entertainment memories that equal or exceed guests’ home viewing experiences.”

PureHD has deployed many hotels with large channel line-ups, including just a few examples listed below.

  • Baccarat Hotel & Residences NYC              140 HD Channels
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel NYC                     120 HD Channels
  • Thompson Hollywood Hotel                         80 HD Channels
  • Commune CAA Hotel Chicago                      80 HD Channels
  • Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod                       80 HD Channels

In the world of high-definition television, “Bigger is Better”.  PureHD delivers on that philosophy with more HD channels per hotel than any other hospitality marketplace TV integrator.

About PureHD

Headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts with offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Austin, Texas, Beaumont, California, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, PureHD is the leading provider of 100% digital, 100% high-definition television solutions to the hospitality marketplace in the United States and Canada.  PureHD is a next generation hospitality technology corporation that offers state-of-the-art HD televisions services that utilizes innovative remote monitoring and maintenance tools to deliver a superior guest experience.  For more information, please call (978) 261-3222 or email us from our web site at www.purehd.com .